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Your fellow students in the PEESE program come from all over the world, from South East Asia to South America. Due to their various backgrounds, you will learn to work in an international team and get to know a lot of cultures and make new friends. Read more about the impressions of our students...

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K. S. Reddy, India


"As a student of Chemical Engineer i find PEESE as a challenging Masters Programme. It offers a wide range of courses from basic Process Synthesis to advanced plant Simulation, Control and Optimisation which are applicable in modern Industry. It offers an international student environment which will be useful for a student to mould into a Global Engineer. It also deals with Energy and Environmental issues which are of great concern. It gives an opportunity to learn German language which I think is a great asset to the students through which one can better interact with students of different cultures.”

Paula Sanchez, Columbia


"Regarding PEESE program, I have found it very interesting and it has helped me to improve my knowledge on Process Engineering and also my German. I am very pleased with the whole program of instruction. It is very educational and well structured. During the compulsory classes you get the basic Knowledge in Process Design, Simulation, Control, Optimisation and Management, then you can choose in which area do you want to emphasize (Process, energy or environmental). I think one of the most exciting aspect of studying an international master in Berlin is to enter in contact with new cultures, new way of thinking, different points of view, people to discover....it enriches your mind...."

Diah Indriani Widiputri, Indonesia


"This PEESE program is like a complete package of many studies for me. I find it valuable to be able to learn not only the process itself but also other things connected to it, mainly energy, and how to make it environmentally sustainable. More than that, living in Berlin is such a priceless experience, for I can meet many great friends from all over the world and learn so much more from them. It is definitely true that learning German is not an easy thing to do, but through the intensive german course provided by the university, the problem can be solved in less than 6 months."

Jose-Luis, Spain

"Studying PEESE gives me an excellent opportunity to increase my knowledge and professional skills in the field of energy, environmental and process engineering. We can choose among a variety of up-to-date subjects to emphasize our studies in the fields of our interest. The group of students is very international, friendly and the atmosphere is very nice. That allows us to have a quite good contact with the lecturers and help us each other. Also this makes it easier for us to learn the German language so fast, which is sometimes difficult. I had a lot of good experiences in the first semester."

Zeed, Jordan


"I choose the PEESE program because the teaching stuff is highly qualified, the range of subjects taught is almost without any gap, because the great and the old history of the university. The courses of study are stringently organized, I get an international academic degree (Master), compulsory participation in German coruses prior to or during the program, intensive academic support provided by tutors and academic co-workers in small working groups. The freedom to contact research staff and attend all the courses enables the students to freely determine their interests and needs and set the focus of their studies according to their interests and abilities. All of these reasons make PEESE at TU Berlin my first choice."

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